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A true frontier settlement of the Old West, Dodge City offers travelers to western Kansas a wide range of legends, traditions and history. Less than three hours from Wichita, Dodge City has been a favorite place for many years, not only for its history and culture, but also for its gastronomic and entertainment options.

In 1886, many residents of Dodge City, a small town of about 1,000 people, moved west to greener pastures. The mayor soon contacted Wyatt Earp, who worked as a lawyer in Wichita, and in 1886 he and his partner Doc Holliday moved west. Doc kept the law in Dodge City, but the cowboys brought more lawlessness to the city and it became a breeding ground for outlaws and ranchers alike. Wyatt ignored him, while some people thought the friendship between Wyatt and Doc was odd. With the help of Doc and city law enforcement officers, DodgeCity collected cowgirls and cattle-pickers alike over a long period of time.

Later, the editor of the Hays City Sentinel, on a visit to Dodge City, wrote, "It was a thrill to be in Dodge, like Deadwood, Kansas. One of my highlights during my time in Iodge City was the famous film by Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday "The Wild West of Kansas" and it's the origin of our phrase "Get the Devil Out of Dodge. Life in Dodge City in the 1870s, during its Wild East heyday, was the thrill of a lifetime.

Dodge City, Kansas, was a true border settlement and gained a reputation during the Great Depression and the American Civil War as one of the best places to make money in the United States.

The tradition of the Wild West is something that is very strongly associated with Dodge City, Kansas, and the city has eventually become the subject of books, television shows, and movies depicting border days. From the 1870s, the early history of the city of Dodge caught the attention of the national media and eventually the US Department of Justice and other federal agencies.

We saw thousands of cars pass through Dodge City as they drove from New Mexico to the Civil War battlefields of New York and New Jersey. Speaking of the trail, a stop in Dodge City also provided the opportunity to admire the Santa Fe National Historic Trail, which was a pioneering road that stretched through five states. The cars were covered with dust, mud, dirt, rocks and other debris from the Great Plains and the Rockies.

When it comes to activities in Dodge City, strolls through the historic old town are also an option. You can combine it with a Trail of Fame tour if you are interested. If you have a little more time, take the historic Dodge City Trolley Tours to all stops in the city, but you could also take a DodgeCity Trolley Tour or watch a race at Dodge State Raceway Park. The Dodge CITY T that picks up at the intersection of Dodge and Kansas streets just outside the city on the east side of downtown.

The Wax Museum is located just outside the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame and is one of the best amusement parks in Dodge City. Other attractions in the city include Dodge State Raceway Park, the Old Town Museum and the Museum of Kansas History. The main attractions in Dodge City are the Museum, Museum and Museum of History, and the historic Old Town. For more information on the history of this historic city and its history, visit the Trail of Fame website.

Trail of Fame is a walk through downtown Dodge City and you can take it on the Trail of Fame Walking Tour that makes its way through the restored Santa Fe Depot. The entire tour takes an average of half an hour and outside the park there are many different things to do in the city, such as the Dodge State Raceway Park, the Old Town Museum and the Museum of Kansas History. You can also take your children to see the animals at Wright Park Zoo, take a walk around the museum and grounds, or watch them ride a Dodge City Trolley.

It may take half an hour to see the real side, but it's worth getting out of the mess of a city and seeing all the things that make Dodge City such a great place to live, work, shop and vacation.

To give Dodge City's tourism a distinctive charm, the Dodge City Trolley offers rides to historic sites dating back to the Old West. Once you've completed the historic Draisine Ride, you'll begin to get a grip on all of DodgeCity's attractions.

Learn all about the major highway occupations and the history of the city on the Dodge City Trolley Tour.

During your visit, you will learn more about the people who visit Dodge City, Kansas, at home, at Farmer's Market. You can also read a travel blog that will help you as a travel guide discover some of the best things to do in Dodge City. When you arrive, take a look at the good times and do things in Dodge City. You may also find a few things you want to take to the hotel, and you will also read about your travels.

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More About Dodge City