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Iowa's Board of Directors has worked hard since announcing its decision to accept former Kansas State University football coach Bill O'Brien's appointment to the board and find a new head coach for Webster County High School's football team. At the first meeting of the year on Tuesday, Webster County supervisors confirmed several appointments and hiring within the county and the organization.

Two Fort Dodge lawmakers will chair the key committees when the Iowa Legislature begins its session on Monday. Senator Tim Kraayenbrink, a Republican, will be chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, which writes spending bills. Mark Campbell and Keith Dencklau will continue to serve as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

The men's quarter-finals will be held on March 1, the semi-finals on March 2 at 7pm and the final on March 3, with the women's championship match kicking off at 5pm. The men's championships followed. The first round of the KU - Kansas Women's Basketball Tournament will be held at the University of Kansas on February 29.

A trip to Lubbock, Texas, means the men's team will travel to Hutchinson, and the college is in talks with the local school district to determine what facilities might need to be used. The home schedule of the KU-Kansas Women's Basketball team for the 2017-18 season will be available on the Kansas State University website on March 1, 2017.

Jake Ripple, the DCCC's athletic director, said, "It's only a matter of time before we're all on the same page. We can't do that with one or two people making the plans, but if you shift everything from one semester to the next, you have to have a plan. If we can do some of those things, it increases the likelihood that we will have a season off, "Loll said. It's about being open and giving information and at the same time showing them that we don't always have all the answers, "Loll said.

Although we have almost 100 percent of our students - athletes who participate in the S.C. program, I feel like every single student - athletes, they benefit from the facilities we provide. I think the only sports that don't take full advantage of our facilities are those on the course - sports like golf and swimming.

The last time LHS made it through the intermediate round was in 2015, when it was part of the WAC's run-up to its first ever national championship game. Dodge City is seeded second in Class 6A West, and the WAC remains in the 5A bracket.

The Red Demons, who finished the year with a 4-6 overall record, were one of only two 6A schools in the state to play the entire regular season. Dodge City trailed by as many as one point at halftime in a victory over Haysville Campus before holding on for a 34-13 victory at Memorial Stadium. Defending champion Derby (6-0) and Kansas State University (5-1) are the only two unbeaten teams in the 6th round.

Both teams, who are scheduled to play at LHS Stadium on Friday at 7 p.m., have recorded one-sided victories in the first round of the postseason. DC defeated Junction City 18-25-15 in Week 9, then lost to Derby 54-7 and Lawrence was credited with a 1-0 victory over Dodge City in his last regular-season game.

D.C. had a goal-line stand on its first possession against Campus, and Harshberger also returned a fumble in the red zone that eventually led to a Red Demon touchdown. Knedler had another huge 42-yard touchdown run on his first drive of the game when he broke several tackles and ran over a player. The coaches, who are now focusing on moving from playing days to preparing for next season, are now focusing on preparing for Friday's game.

The athletic director of the DC3 is also looking for ways to ease the burden of the congested spring schedule. He said the schedule will be staggered during the spring semester, but that the sports will overlap. For now, he plans to test the protocol in the fall before the competition heats up this spring.

I think it will be an excellent venue, and the Dodge City Sports Commission has been a great partner in that process, "he said. He gave some more details on the DC3 plans for the next few years and the future of the program.

The local CVJM uses the facility for indoor football and plays youth football there on autumn weekends. The facility is used for strength and conditioning programs and for physical education classes from 6.30 a.m., and the school is allowed to use it for all seasonal sports. Due to the bad weather we have a rotation that allows us to use all seasons of the sport on this facility and we use schools.

Dodge City also brings back the annual Dodge City Classic, a high school basketball tournament for the first time in its history. The event will be moved from its current location at the Dodge County Convention Center to the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City.

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