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New Jersey is not boring, and if you enjoy blues, blues music, music in general, or just a good time, you might want to come to the Anglesea Blues Festival on Saturday, May 14. The Anglea Blues Festival, held at the New Jersey State Fairgrounds in Jersey City, New Jersey City, brings together some of the best blues acts from the United States and Canada. For more information about the event, please click here to get a full calendar of events and information about the surrounding pubs and restaurants.

If you are a person who enjoys nightlife, read on to find a list of places you can highlight as activities in Dodge City at night. You will also find some of the best times to visit and travel to the city, as well as some other interesting facts about the city.

The Outlaws Bar offers live music to spice up the party, while the Paramount Bar features jukeboxes and a DJ on weekends. Head out after the clock strikes 5: 00 a.m. and head to the Dodge City Convention Center for a night of dancing, food and entertainment.

If you fancy classic Kansas City jazz, make sure you visit the Green Lady Lounge at 1809 Grand Blvd. Marysville City Park gets the real Kansas with the popular Salina KOA, which serves as a perfect hub for those who want to plan just a few miles of freeway. If you have riverboat trips on the program and a river where you can drive a few miles into the city for nightlife, then Kansas City West is just across the street from the grain row.

In the park there are a number of different things to do, but you must bring your children. There will be a variety of informative things done for kids in Dodge City, so bring them along. Noteworthy are the Kansas State Museum, the Dodge County Museum of Natural History and the Missouri State Historical Society.

Come and enjoy the annual Dodge City Nightlife Festival at the Dodge County Museum of Natural History and the Missouri State Historical Society on Saturday, June 18.

The Anglesea Blues Festival (tm), held at the Dodge County Museum of Natural History and the Missouri State Historical Society, brings you the best blues acts on this side of Beale Street. Experience the best of barbecue and blues at this exciting three-day festival held in the Wildwoods and surrounding pubs in Dodge City, Kansas. Wildwood hosts a three-day event with live music, food and entertainment on its three main stages. This is the perfect time to enjoy a great night of music and food in one of the best bars and restaurants in the world.

Gather your friends and spend the weekend eating on ribs, wings and more barbecue and listening to the blues. When is the best time to relax and play a few pub games in Boobie's Trap Bar? Find a slice of luck while you try your hand at some of the most popular games in Dodge City, Kansas, like the "Glorious Grooming" game to celebrate your groom. Visit one of our favorite bars and restaurants and learn about the happiness of the stripes.

Anglesea is the best place to be in Dodge City, Kansas, for a weekend, especially the weekend of July 3rd and 4th. Wildwoods is home to the Olde Towne Tavern and the surrounding pubs, and North Wildwood is your place. Come for the old town and the surrounding pub, but also for the good food and entertainment in the nearby restaurants.

Blues on 12 July 2013, visit the Anglesea Blues & BBQ Festival, a three-day open air festival with great food and fabulous music. It happens at the end of the week and you can have a great time walking around, trying the barbecue, listening to the bands and having a good time.

Trail of Fame is a walk through downtown Dodge City and you'll find yourself in front of some of the great historic sites of old Dodge City. The entire tour takes an average of one hour and once you enter the museum, you feel like you are right back in the old town where the cowboys settled and the main activity was buffalo hunting. Save your steps for the Dodge County Museum of American History and the Dodger City Trail of Fame, which starts at Wyatt Earp Boulevard and whizzes past all the big names that have settled in Dodge.

If you're looking for a relaxed bar-hopping club, here are the nightlife attractions that suit your mood. Visit the popular LGBT coffee shop, Dodge City Coffeehouse and Coffee House and you'll find a wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars that match your style. This apartment in Lindsborg offers you a lively nightlife and the peace and quiet you need to escape the big city life. In the surrounding area you will find many bars and restaurants, a variety of restaurants to choose from and a number of hotels in the city.

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More About Dodge City